Point and shoot. Disinfect any surface in 2 seconds.

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Disinfect any room and all its surfaces in 2 minutes.



Clean your small personal items; phone, wallet, etc.

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Disinfect the air from dangerous pathogens.

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Enables your current HVAC to kill all viruses.

UVC light is installed

into your existing HVAC

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Lightweight tripod comes with a detachable lamp that you can hang anywhere.


When someone walks in to a room the UV cycle is temporarily interrupted.


UVCBOX Light Pro+ is a portable room sterilizer. Fully sterilize any room and all its surfaces in just five minutes automatically. Significantly reduce staff labor hours for cleaning, shorten waiting times between clients and save on expensive harmful chemicals cleaning products. Learn More

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UVCBOX Gun Lightweight and easy to use. Just point and shoot to disinfect any surface in seconds. 60 minutes of non stop use. Quick rechargeable battery. Save on expensive chemical cleaners and drastically cut down on cleaning times.  Learn More  
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UVCBOX Air is designed to disinfect your air from dangerous pathogens like COVID-19. Coronaviruses molecular sizes are 120nm-160nm. Most air purifiers use HEPA filters which can only catch particles 300nm or larger making them ineffective. Now you can have safe air at home in your workplace. Learn More.  
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UVCBOX 4 Pro+ is designed to clean your phone and all small personal items including keys, wallet, watch, headphones, credit cards, jewelry and anything else that fits. It is super easy to use, simply place the item in to the UVCBOX and UVC light will disinfect it in just 4 minutes. Learn More