Does exactly what it claims and what I expected for it to do.


After witnessing a child sneeze on my phone, I knew I needed something like this!


Good quality, would recommend to friends. I Like this versatilety.


I bought this for my iPhone  11 Max which my 1 year old loves to chew on. I feel a lot better using this than sanitizing wipes with a bunch of chemicals I can't even pronounce.  It's pretty straightforward product and was reasonably priced.  The UV light seems to work well and gives me a little extra peace of mind. It’s fairly large so I’ve even used it on a few teether toys that tend to attract food particles if I toss them in the dishwasher. It should work well even if you have a larger phone and I have even fit my mothers old nokia flip phone so it's surprising tall inside.


I bought one first because of health concerns. Since that one I have bought several others for gifts to friends.


It’s great to know that my phone is sanitized whenever I feel like I need it! Great product and super easy to use


So I got this thing to clean my phone, It does that job well.


It cleaned my phone. I am extremely happy with it.


It's compact, easy to use, fits my iphone X, and is portable. 


I have used it many times now, the quality is great, my sister also loves it, now we use it to disinfect our phones every day, I feel that the phone is much cleaner


I found that it does in fact kill all those gross germs that are all over my phone. It makes me feel better after I clean my iphone so I guess that's a win for sure.


I was recommended by my family doctor to clean and sterilize my cell phone and have used this one for about a while now. Good design, plenty interior space, fit my large samsung note and certainly would fit any smaller size phone and handhold device as well. USB charger plug-in is convenient, and easy to use. UV lights are placed in good spots to ensure the maximum exposure of all the surface. Overall, very good design and quality material. I'm very happy with uvcbox.


I’ve been looking for a UV sanitizer for a while now, I have a couple kids so I’m definitely in need of regularly sanitizing my phones. Since I don’t regularly clean them and they can get really disgusting but you just can’t tell by looking at it. With this uvc box I can easily rid my phone of germs and have peace of mind that my phone is germ free.


With the corona virus being crazy and all, I believe having a little sanitizing device at home is definitely a good thing 


I would recommend it to anyone who is concerned about sanitizing and charging their phones especially at the same time.


My daughter can feel unclean even after a bath. God only knows what germs she carries. Definitely recommended to my friends and family.


Got this for a Christmas present for a friend that has every gadget. He was surprised I was able to find something he didn't already have.


Definitely a good purchase considering how much we touch of phones and how rarely most of us actually clean them (if ever).

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