Chapter 3: Our Products

At the end of chapter three you should be able to answer:

What products does UVCBOX make?

How does each product work?

Are the products difficult to use?

What are the benefits of each product?

How much does each product cost?

Do UVCBOX products produce ozone?






Product 1 UVCBOX Light


UVCBOX Light is a portable room sterilizer that automatically disinfects surfaces and air in minutes. Disinfect 100 square feet in 5 minutes, 200 square feet in 10 minutes, 500 square feet in 30 minutes, 800 square feet in 60 minutes, 1,200 square feet in 90 minutes. For very large rooms you can use multiple units at the same time or move the lamp after a cleaning cycle is complete into a different area to continue to disinfect all areas. It is easy to operate.


  • Save money on expensive cleaners and labor. Only 5 cents per cycle.

  • Save time on labor,  cut room down time between clients. Disinfect a room in 5 minutes.

  • UVC is safe, chemical cleaners are toxic to your health and corrosive to surfaces.

  • UVC is more effective because it disinfects areas people miss when cleaning.

  • UVC kills all viruses even ones that have developed a resistance to cleaners.

How it Works

Place the lightweight tripod in the middle of the room or hang the detachable lamp in any area you want to disinfect. Set a timer on the remote and exit the room. After a 30 second delay the lamp will turn on and begin its cleaning cycle. UVC is safe and should be used in an empty room. UVC does not go through glass, if the room has windows or a glass door it is safe to see. Motion sensor will shut off the lamp so you can re-enter anytime. Disinfect bathrooms, elevators, hallways, waiting rooms, operatory and exam rooms between clients.


  • Dimension: 42CM Tall 9.5CM Diameter

  • Weight: 1KG

  • Wavelength: 253.7

  • Voltage: 110V

  • Lamp: 80W

  • Remote: Included

  • Tripod: Included

  • Coverage Area: 1,200 Square feet

  • Sensors: 3D Microwave 360’

  • Life Span: 9,000 Hours or 180,000 cycles


Save Money on Cleaners and Labor

New regulations require you to spend a lot more money on cleaning and labor. On average businesses report spending weekly $150-$250 on cleaning supplies and $450-$900 on increased cleaning labor and deep cleans. Total monthly cost is $2,400-$4,600. Multiply that by 12 to 18 months which is the expected time these regulations will last. UVCBOX Light can save you tens of thousands of dollars a year.

UVCBOX Light costs 5 cents for 200 square feet and 25 cents for 1,000 square feet per disinfection cycle. Investment into UVCBOX Light and Gun can be recuperated within 30 days of use. A simple calculation for you would be: Cost of cleaning chemicals per month + Cost of labor + Lost time between clients + Additional deep cleans

Save Time on Labor and Down Time

The real cost to your business is the increased time your coworkers spend cleaning. The new regulations require very thorough cleaning between visitors which means you lose a lot of down time between appointments. Estimated loss of revenue for clients or patients is 2 hours a day per room. It takes 30 minutes to clean a room, UVCBOX Light disinfects a room in 5 minutes so you get faster turn around.


The new regulations that limit the number of people your business can have on its premises has really decreased your daily volume of customers. Your business is unique and only you can tell the loss of revenue this is costing you. UVCBOX Gun allows your staff to clean much more quickly so they can serve more customers per day.

UVC Cleans Everything People Miss

Just because it looks clean doesn't mean it is. A study showed that the best housekeepers miss a little over half of the surfaces. Normally we accept it as human error but coronavirus can live on surfaces for days making it very important to disinfect properly. UVCBOX Light gets in all the nooks and crannies people miss, it disinfects a full room without labor automatically and effectively.

UVC is More Effective Than Cleaners

Cleaners may not be as effective as you think. To properly disinfect a surface and kill dangerous viruses you need to leave surfaces visibly wet for several minutes. Some drug resistant viruses also developed a resistance to cleaners and disinfectants. UVC kills all viruses even the ones resistant to drugs and cleaners. While cleaners only clean surfaces, UVCBOXLight cleans and disinfects both surfaces and air.

Product 2 UVCBOX Air

Air small.png
THIS ONE (2).gif

UVCBOX Air is a portable air sterilizer that disinfects the air in 'real time'. Most air purifiers use HEPA filters that catch particles 300nm or larger making them ineffective at capturing coronavirus which has a molecular size of 120-160nm. UVCBOX Air disinfects 1,200 square feet, making it great for your office, waiting rooms, high traffic areas and all shared spaces. 

How it Works

UVCBOX Air disinfects the air by killing germs, bacteria and viruses. A quiet fan sucks air into a chamber where UVC lamps kill all pathogens. Simply turn it on and enjoy safe air.


Protect yourself, your clients and your coworkers. The video shows air flow from a single person breathing, talking or coughing, imagine what it looks like when ten or more people in a room are all sharing the same air. An estimated 80% of people infected with coronavirus are asymptomatic but they can infect others. If one coworker or customer is a carrier it can have a very bad impact on your business. To prevent the spread of airborne viruses hospitals use UVC, now your business can have the same protection.

Specifications Air Pro (big unit)

  • Size: 77x40x30 cm

  • Weight: 18kg

  • Power Block: 120v / 60Hz

  • Ultraviolet Wavelength: 254.7nm

  • Coverage area: 1,200 Square feet


Specifications Air Mini

  • Size: 40x25x20 cm

  • Weight: 7kg

  • Power Block: 120v / 60Hz

  • Ultraviolet Wavelength: 254.7nm

  • Coverage area: 250 Square feet

  • SOLD OUT 4 Month Back Order

$1,249 MINI

UVC Kills Coronavirus in Real Time

As people speak and breathe, UVCBOX Air sucks the air into a sealed chamber where UVC light kills all dangerous pathogens including coronavirus. UVCBOX Air disinfects 1,200 square feet, making it great for personal offices, shared spaces, examination and waiting rooms. UVCBOX Air provides your workplace with safe air for everyone.

UVC Light Disinfects the Air You Share

A quiet fan sucks in air. UVC light kills coronavirus.

UVC Kills Viruses Air Purifiers Can't

UVC light kills all viruses including coronaviruses which have a molecular size of 120nm-160nm, the flu which is 80nm-120nm and the common cold which is 30nm. Most air purifiers use filters which can only catch particles 300nm or larger making them ineffective. Air purifiers capture particles, however, UVC kills them making UVCBOX Air  the best air solution against airborne viruses.


120 nm - 160 nm

Influenza (Flu)

80 nm - 120 nm

Rhinovirus (Cold)

30 nm

UVC Stops Coronavirus Spread Partitians and Indoor Ventilation Don't

​​Alto University did a study that showed how coronavirus spreads. In the model used by the researchers, the test subject coughs in an aisle between the shelves in a supermarket, which has a typical in-store ventilation system. The data showed that tiny airborne particles, emitted by coughing, sneezing, speaking or even just breathing, spread in an invisible cloud. These particles stay airborne and instantly spread over shelves in to areas the person has not visited even. This demonstrates that partitions are unable to contain small particles fromspreading. UVCBOX Air disinfects the air in 'real time' at the source where the germs originate. 

Protect Customers and Coworkers

Businesses are expected to ensure that people maintain physical distance of two meters apart but as you can see from the video it is simply not enough to prevent coronavirus from spreading. The best way to protect your customers and coworkers is by sterilizing the air that everyone shares with UVCBOX Air.

Stand Apart from Your Competition

Your competitors are doing the same things that you are, they are disinfecting surfaces and enforcing physical distancing between customers and coworkers, but now you can do much more. By placing a UVCBOX Air  in your waiting room or shared space you give your customers the feeling of safety they are looking for.


HVAC Image (21).png

UVC lamp is easily installed into your existing HVAC in 1h

UVCBOX HVAC is a light that is installed inside your existing HVAC system. It is designed to eliminate dangerous viruses and pathogens that are too small for traditional HVAC filters to capture. HVAC Filters are not capable of removing small particles from the air such as coronavirus, influenza (flu) or rhinovirus (cold).

In hospitals, the spread of airborne pathogens is prevented by disinfecting the air with UVC. Hospitals implemented the first overhead UVC system in 1936. UVCBOX HVAC  uses UVC to disinfect the air in your ventilation system. UVCBOX HVAC is the best line of defense for your building covering any size ventilation systems from 1,000 to 500,000 square feet. 

How it Works

'Plug and Play' UVC system for HVAC. Your system does not need to be upgraded or changed. It can be installed by any certified technician safely and easily in under an hour.


  • UVC Light protects you, your coworkers and your customers from airborne viruses.

  • UVC Light destroys a toxic biofilm that grows in your HVAC. If left untreated, biofilm can present a threat to the health and wellbeing of building occupants. Stay healthy.

  • Save money. The installation of UVC technology from UVCBOX will significantly improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system at home and in your workplace. 


HVAC can recirculate viruses in a building. Adding UVC to HVAC will disinfect air from viruses such as COVID-19, flu, cold and all pathogens

HVAC is a system that moves air in your building. If a person with a virus breathes in one room that virus can travel to other rooms, exposing you hours or even days later. UVC Light installed in your HAVC disinfects the air before it recirculates back into the building.

The outside air and the air returning from the building contain VOC's, mold spores, viruses, bacteria and many other pollutants.

Filters trap particles 300nm or larger making them ineffective against tiny particles. UVC light kills all particle sizes including coronavirus which has a molecular size of 120nm - 160nm, the flu which is 80nm - 120nm and the common which is cold 30nm. Dangerous viruses and spores get trapped inside filters reproduce until they become airborne. UVC does not trap particles, instead it kills them, making the air safe to breathe.

Without UVC light contaminated air is recirculated back in to the building. UVC kills all pathogens making the air safe.

Stay healthy. UVC Light destroys a toxic biofilm that grows in your HVAC.

Biofilm is a slimy substance caused by a build-up of contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses which thrives in the damp environment of an HVAC system’s air handling unit. If left untreated, biofilm can present a threat to the health and wellbeing of building occupants while reducing the HVAC system’s efficiency. Applying UVC light to the cooling coil of an air handling unit destroys biofilm and returns performance to as-built at a fraction of the cost of a new HVAC system.

Save Money. UVC Light improves the efficiency of your HVAC system.

The installation of UVC technology from UVCBOX will significantly improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system at home and in your workplace, leading to:

  • Improved control and maintenance of building temperature

  • Reduced running costs.

  • Lower CO2 emissions.

  • Improved air system hygiene.

  • Reduced corrosion leading to extended life of cooling coils.

  • Decreased maintenance of the chilled water pumps and chillers.

  • Running less chillers for the cooling load.

  • Lower chilled water flow rates.

  • Higher chilled water delta-T.

  • Compliance with the WELL Building Standard.

Studies Prove Effectiveness of UVC Inside HVAC Systems

Here are two studies that point to the effectiveness of UVC light in killing mold and bacteria, one in hospitals and the other in a commercial HVAC system.


Effectiveness of Germicidal UV Radiation for Reducing Fungal Contamination within Air Handling Units

In this commercial office building, and after 4 months of operation, “the fungal levels following UV operation were significantly lower than the levels in control AHUs (air handler units).”

Ultraviolet Light Effective in Hospital Infection Control

In 2012, Researchers at Duke University Medical Center used UVC to nearly eliminate drug-resistant bacteria in 50 hospital rooms, reducing the number of bacteria by more than 97%.

Product 4 UVCBOX Gun

UVCBOX Gun Cleans Anything.png
UVCBOX Gun cleans PPE's.png

UVCBOX Gun is lightweight and easy to use hand held disinfecting tool. It is a chemical free way to instantly disinfect anything.

How it Works

Point and shoot to disinfect any type of surface, hard or soft, in just 2 seconds. Use for 60 minutes without stopping. Fast, rechargeable battery.


  • Sending out PP's such as face masks for disinfection becomes expensive over time. Now you can do it from the comfort of your office, saving time and money.

  • Clean without harmful fumes. 

  • Save on expensive monthly chemical cleaners. Less than 30 cents per hour used. 

  • Increase the effectiveness of disinfection in your office. Disinfect cloth and paper surfaces that you can't clean with traditional cleaning sprays. Use on anything that people touch. Tissue boxes, documents clients fill out, curtains, cups, glasses etc.


Disinfect Anything Without Chemical Cleaners

Product 5 UVCBOX 4 Pro+


UVCBOX 4 Pro+ cleans your phone by killing bacteria, germs and viruses that other cleaners, sanitizers and alcohol wipes can't. It's super easy to use. Simply place your phone into the UVCBOX and let the UVC light sanitize your phone in just four minutes. Clean anything that fits; phone, wallet, keys, jewelry, headphones, etc.

Your phone is one of the dirtiest things you touch. It travels with you everywhere you go. Throughout the day you touch many things; doorknobs, hand rails, credit card machines and even the bacteria from people around you is passed to your phone. You wash your hands but you don't wash your phone so when you pick it up everything is transferred back to your hands. Viruses can live on surfaces like your phone for days. Scientists found that the average phone has eighteen times more bacteria than a public washroom.

Sanitizers and alcohol wipes remove the oleophobic coating used to protect your screen. Lab results show that wipes do not kill all of the bacteria found on your phone because they can't get into all the nooks and crannies the way UVC light can. The best way to clean your phone is by using UVCBOX 4 Pro+


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